2022 Tuition Fees

Junior Yarra Voices & YV Kids

$195 per term

The Yarra Voices - Performing Choir

$160 - (Junior Yarra Voices & Performing Choir)

March 19-20

Invoices will be issued at the start of each term/semester

There will be a $25 fee for late payments

Tuition fees are not refundable.

There is a one off fee with the children start with us to cover a book bag, sight singing book & music hire

10% discount on term fees for siblings of children currently in The Yarra Voices

A new member may pay tuition fees after 3 rehearsals but must pay a small holding fee to secure their place in The Yarra Voices.

Please contact theyarravoices@gmail.com for more information

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Choir Camp

$240 per term