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2024 Tuition Fees

YV Kids & Junior Yarra Voices

$400 per semester

Performing Choir

$185 (YV Mezzos & Performing Choir only )

*added onto Semester 1 Fees

Choir Camp

$500 per semester

YV Mezzos

$450 per semester

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We want to make sure that everyone can attend The Yarra Voices regardless of finances. There are a number of full and partial bursaries available for students who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance. Please contact for more information

Invoices will be issued at the start of each semester

There will be a $20 fee for late payments

Tuition fees are not refundable.

There is a one off fee with the children start with us to cover a book bag, sight singing book & music hire

10% discount on semester fees for siblings of children currently in The Yarra Voices

A new member may pay tuition fees after 2 rehearsals but must pay a small holding fee to secure their place in The Yarra Voices.

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