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About The Yarra Voices

Under our artistic director Renee Heron, students will

enjoy performance opportunities stemming from an

excellent rehearsal and learning environment. Choristers

will learn about music in a manner that will develop their

music literacy capabilities. Most importantly, it is our
hope students leave the program with a love of quality
music that will stay with them for life.



                                                                                             The development of music literacy skills is of great importance in our                                                                                                       choirs with ear training and music reading having significant emphasis                                                                                                     in our rehearsals. The highly effective Kodály music education                                                                                                                 philosophy informs music literacy, staff reading, and aural skills training                                                                                                in The Yarra Voices. Children are taught moveable solfa and rhythm time                                                                                         names in a developmental sequence. These skills are developed in                                                                                                  synchronicity with vocal technique and  performance expression.                                                                        

The Yarra Voices is a small and friendly organisation, which is designed to forge community-based friendships, meaning each child receives the individual attention required to help them reach their full potential both, musically and personally.

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The Yarra Voices is an exciting new Melbourne children’s choir created to provide quality music education and choral experiences for children from all backgrounds. As an experienced teacher and choral director our artistic director, Renee Heron, observed there was a lack of opportunities for children in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne with a love of
singing to enjoy a high quality choral experience. The vision of The Yarra Voices is to foster excellence in performance by receiving an outstanding music education that is child focused as well as joyous.


Our choirs perform at regularly at community events all across Melbourne such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Yarra City Carols in the Park, Federation Square, Darebin Arts Centre, book launches at Bargoonga Nganjin (North Fitzroy Library) and have recorded for The Avalanches latest album 'We Will Always Love You' and 'The Cabin', a horror show written by kids for adults at Northcote Town Hall.

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